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APP Study Guide

The cornerstone of the Certification Program is the APP Study Guide.  The printed version of the Study Guide is not available for purchase at this time.  The only option for members and candidates, is to purchase a PDF download of the study guide for $10.

To purchase, fill out the donation form below - putting "$10" the "Amount" field and select "Purchase of the APP Study Guide" as your Donation Type.  Then select at the bottom right  Pay  and follow instructions for a PayPal payment.  Once paid, you will receive a confirmation email and within 24 hours the APP will send you a link to download the PDF version of the Study Guide.

Note that if you have not previously logged onto this website, and do not have a username and password, the system requires that you first add your contact information to our system so we can properly track and document your donation. You will see several contact fields below and then at the bottom, the donation fields. If you have already logged on (you'll see your name in the upper right corner), then you will only see the donation fields below.  Thank you for your support of the APP.

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