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Explosives (used in Avalanche Control)


Know the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF&E) laws for "Employee Possessor" and Responsible Party" before you get involved observing an Avalanche Control Program.This is an Oral Test generally given indoors or outside in the base area of a ski resort.

If your ski area does not have an Explosives Program, seek out a ski area that does.

Seek out Explosive Manufacturer Training - their training is thorough and abundant. 

Other helpful documents:

For additional details on testing and criteria, download the APP Explosives Testing Criteria PDF document, and refer to the additional references to the right.


Orica Explosives Guide

Orica  is a proud sponsor of the Association of Professional Patrollers. The Orica guide is the first of its kind by an explosives manufacturer working with the ski industry to Recommend Safe Working Practices for Explosives Products used in Avalanche Control.  The guide is available for download at the Orica Website.

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