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We provide education, on-going training, and certification of patrollers supporting leading safety and risk management best practices for the mountain recreational community.


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May Updates

Board Elections

Voting is now open for the Board of Directors. There are 4 open positions with 5 people running. You must be a current member in good standing to vote. Please login to your account and vote here: Board of Director Voting

Board Nominees

 Dave Brown


Mt. Shasta, CA

I am running for a second term on the APP Board of Directors.  These past two years have been difficult for an industry that relies on people and close contacts, but we are moving forward (or, back…depending on your view) to where “normal operations” are resuming.

Ski Patrolling is at best a complex proposition.  Pulled this way and that.  Not making a dime for the owners, while trying our best to….fill in the blank.

One area will be critical for our industry’s return to “normal”.  Strategic planning is an important part of that process.  We need to consistently examine our organization and its mission, to maintain relevancy.  Our supporters need to know how APP is going to grow back into the new normal.  As would be expected, our membership is down.  But, ski areas have been operating and patrol operations have been happening.  We need to do some catching up.  Area operations and practices have changed.  New things are happening throughout the industry.  Expectations for patrollers have and will continue to grow.  I am interested in helping APP move forward.  We need to plan on how that will both look and happen.

Who am I?  I am the former Patrol Director at the Mount Shasta Ski Park, in Northern California.  I have been here for 30+ years.  Still a line patroller.  I love ski patrolling and the connections it gives me.  I am an active member of the National Ski Patrol, currently involved in the development of their Outdoor Risk Management program.  I am a current Board Member for the Friends of the Mount Shasta Avalanche Center.  I spent 30+ years in law enforcement and EMS.  I remember my first APP Spring Clinic…at Squaw.  The highlight being the high wind tram ride down from High Camp, thinking “am I gonna die?” and knowing this is what ski patrol is all about…being together in the crazy times…and loving it.  I travel, hunt a lot and love to cook.  Relearning my Italian for a Hut to Hut adventure in the Sud Tirol…hopefully soon.  Va Bene!

Kacy Carlson

Assistant Patrol Director

Mt. Ashland, OR

I was born in Anchorage, Alaska and raised in Juneau, Alaska. It was my father’s love of skiing that first brought me to the snowy slopes of Juneau, Alaska’s local ski area, Eaglecrest. It was on these steep and rugged slopes that I found my first and longest love - skiing. As a ski patroller I have enjoyed the camaraderie and constant learning that takes place. Recently as a board member of our organization, I have continued this pattern of learning by stepping into the role of criteria coordinator. In this role, the board and I have started a comprehensive review and update of all of our tests as well as our study guide. This work is not yet complete and I look forward to continuing this process for another term on the board.

Scott Cordner


Hoodoo, OR

Scott Cordner started patrolling in 1994, and has patrolled every year since. He has been everything from a part-time volunteer to full-time paid including assistant director. Scott was certified in 2009 (#569) and has been on the board of directors serving as treasurer since 2016. He currently patrols in Central Oregon at Hoodoo Ski Bowl, where he is the Training and Equipment supervisor. Scott plans on using the APP’s criteria as a training guide for new patrollers at Hoodoo.  Scott says, “I’d like to continue to serve on your board of directors, finding ways for the APP to grow and prosper in the ski industry."

Bob Heflin

Med Dept Lead/Patroller

Taos, NM

 35 seasons Ski Patrolling
International Experience Patrolling in Chile and working with the  Argentine Certifying Body EASP, currently hoping for China in ‘22
20 years at Taos Ski Valley
Medical Dept Lead
Route Leader
BOD member of APP for 20 years
Devin Hiemstra

Assistant Patrol Manager

Mt. Rose, NV

I grew up in Lake Tahoe and have been skiing since my parents could pawn me off on child ski school.  I started working as a junior ski instructor at age 14 and after two seasons made the jump to ski patrol at Diamond Peak.  After ten years of patrol, I finally dove into the APP program and at the spring clinic in 2009 decided to move to Mt Rose. After Finishing my full cert the following season, I became the head rope rescue judge and have been in that position since.  At Mt Rose I worked as the snow safety supervisor, Avalanche educator, and Dog Handler before moving into my current position of Assistant Patrol Manager.  I have a passion for teaching and training and if elected to the board I plan to continue my efforts to modernize the rope rescue test to meet current industry standards and improve the APP’s training programs across the ski patrol industry.  

Olympic Patrolling Opportunity

Recruitment for the patrol team for the 2022 Winter Olympics in China is beginning. Here is a message from Ed Gassman, member and advisor for APP:

I’ve been asked to help select patrollers for the China 2022 Winter Olympics. Pay is $350 USD per day. Commitment is from January 15th – March 14th, equaling about $21,000 in pay. I am also looking for 4 additional patrollers to help with the leadership of this team with a commitment from November 15th – March 14th. Free meals, lodging, transportation and round-trip airfare is provided! A COVID-19 vaccine is not mandatory yet, but is expected to be required. Those with previous race experience, ropes and repel capabilities, and strong medical credentials are requested. 

Anyone interested should email me at ecgassman@yahoo.com with a copy of your passport, years of patrolling, any race experience, and your medical certification level. Text 970-227-5451 with any questions, please no phone calls. We will know whether the Olympics will be held, and if so, who is accepted on the patrol team by mid-summer. Forming a team acceptable to FIS and BOCG are critical factors in the decision.




Thank you again for your perseverance in a challenging season. Stay tuned for updates about next season throughout the summer.

Your Board of Directors

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