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Message from the president of APP

Dear Fellow APP Members,

From an APP perspective we had a great winter. Your fellow board of directors and others were able to put on six mid-winter clinics and a blasting seminar. Our Spring Clinic at Mammoth Mountain was a success for all those who attended.

We have 5 openings to our board of directors. There are some very qualified members ( Read the candidate statements here ) who have nominated to fill those five openings.  Click here to vote

Please read their bios/profiles below and vote using this link. Initial voting took place at the Mammoth Mountain Spring Clinic and voting will continue thru the end of the day, May 31, 2015, with the election results being posted on the Website June 5. To vote a member must be current with their 2015 DUES AND IN GOOD STANDING ( Click here to pay membership dues )

Please remember that your APP is an educational organization. We are very much membership driven. 

Among our goals are providing continuing education to our membership. We have created/ and are in process of creating partnerships with, NSAA, CSIA, AAA, ISSW, NSPS, FIPS as well as partnering with many outdoor retail sponsors. We have been granted SCHOLARSHIPS FOR OUR MEMBERS THRU THESE MANY ORGANIZATIONS! Our continuing success depends on YOUR ANNUAL DUES AS WELL AS CONTRIBUTIONS FROM OUR SPONSORS. Our goal is return to our members scholarships and benefits provided by our strategic partnerships.

Please be watching our APP WEBSITE. We will be updating it thru out the year with current news of your organization, scholarship opportunities, sponsorship benefits, as wells as continuing education.

Best to you all!

Rich Bailey


Association of Professional Patrollers

Photos from the Spring Clinic at Mammoth Mountain

 New Full Cert members
 Snow pit

 Ropes judges heading out
 Extra Credit activities
 Gondola Evacuation Cable Rider

 Evac three guests at a time on a single rope

 Tower Climbing

 The group gathers for a parting shot...

Zack from Sierra-at-Tahoe racing 
 Olympic Payload Malfunction

 Pyload Malfunction
 More Olympic Fun

Sharp End of the stick...

Candidate Statements for the current election

 Bob Heflin

29 seasons Pro Patrol experience. Medical Dept Lead for Taos Ski Valley Patrol, patrolled in Chile for a number of years and still do some training and consulting for ski area there. 25+(?) year member of APP, on BOD for over a decade. Committed to ensuring our goals as an educational organization by providing opportunities for scholarship to attend ISSW or NAS, and by providing APP sponsored educational opportunities in the form of RM seminars and Blasting seminars. Looking forward to working with the board to help advance the APP as a resource for patrollers

CJ Svela

I have had the opportunity to go around to many of the mid-winter clinics over the last 4 years and meet a lot of you face to face, ski with you, and hopefully help influence your patrol training.

As you all know I am up for reelection this year. I ask for your support and votes to remain as one of your valuable board members.  Through the last 4 years, we have undergone many big steps towards providing education, hosting many more clinics, and expanding our membership. With your help, I will help further the APP’s educational goals and meet the needs of our members. 

  I ask for your votes.

            Thank you!

 Mike Nolen

It has been my privilege to serve on the APP Board since the spring of 2007. I have served as the Criteria Coordinator for all my time on the Board. This last season I worked as the Vice President in addition to my Criteria Coordinator role. 

My focus would be to continue to support our testing areas with lots of training. I feel the Association of Professional Patrollers (APP) is striving to be an NSAA equivalent, representing Ski Patrolling, by supporting "Best Practices” for Patrollers. In addition to Risk Management Forums and Blasting Seminars 

I will work with the Board to bring in Avalanche Education and Tech Rescue Seminars supported by the APP. I will also continue to push for three day Mid-Winter Clinics with one full day devoted to training. 

Spring Clinics will continue to offer training in as many of our nine practical testing areas as possible.  I have had twenty-five years in Ski Patrol at Sierra Summit Mountain Resort. Twenty-three of those years I served as a Ski Patrol Director.

My intentions are always to deliver to the APP membership and to have all Board Members work as a team of nine in that endeavor. I have been honored to serve Patrolling and the APP. Thank you for your consideration in allowing me to continue working for all of you.

 Bo Yule

Dear fellow Association of Professional Patrollers (APP) member(s); thank you for considering me as a potential Board member.  Many years ago I was drawn to patrolling by the allure of a free lift pass, but after participating in a large-scale avalanche rescue, the meaning of our title, 'ski patroller,' the corresponding responsibilities and breadth of skills represented by all who wear a cross, grew into a passion for our profession.  I first joined FWPSPA, now APP, in 1984.  I worked for several seasons for our current APP President, Rich Bailey, including two seasons as Assistant Patrol Director, and then pushed myself to pursue additional opportunities and skills at resorts in Utah (Snowbird), and Chile (Colorado & LaParva).  For the past 7 seasons I have patrolled at Sugar Bowl.  For the past 4 seasons it has been my pleasure and privilege to support APP as a ski judge at both mid-winter and spring clinics.  I have worked collaboratively with our Curriculum Coordinator, Mike Nolen, former Head Ski Judge, Mark Brown, Jeff Shelton and other equally dedicated APP judges.  As long as I am able, I will support APP, and our efforts to bring state-of-the-art training opportunities to dedicated patrol professionals.  Thanks for considering me when you vote for members of our Board.  I promise to bring an engaged and mindful voice to the APP leadership table if elected.  
 Shannon Maguire

My name is Shannon Maguire, and I have been a full-time ski patroller at Sierra At Tahoe since 2007.  Over the past 3 years, I have had the opportunity to participate in Association of Professional Patrollers clinics and trainings, and achieved an APP full certification this past season.  Throughout this process, I have learned a tremendous amount, and have also gained a deep respect for what the APP provides through education and camaraderie.  I received a scholarship at the 2014 spring clinic, which I used towards attending the Wasatch Backcountry Rescue International Avalanche Dog School this past season with my Avalanche Dog, Hunter.   One of the most valuable experiences APP clinic participation has presented me is the opportunity to meet with other female patrollers and discuss shared challenges in this field.  Discussions this year show a desire for creating an on-hill women’s minclinic to be tied to spring clinics.   I am seeking your vote to be on the Board of Directors because the skills and confidence I have received from APP participation is something I would like to help in providing to others.  If elected, I would work on creating on-hill women’s miniclinics and increasing female participation in the APP.  Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to seeing you at future APP events!
 Kieth Tatsukawa

  • Certified number 628
  • 11 year Certified patroller
  • 20 year ski patroller 
  • 10 year NSP Division OEC Supervisor 


I have been an active member of the APP Certified program for the last 14 years and have met the most incredibly skilled and the nicest people on this planet through APP.  At this point in my career, I do have the time, energy and desire to go to the next level of participation with the APP.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work side by side with such amazingly talented individuals and now I’d like to give back to the program even a fraction of how it has made me a better patroller and a better person. 

If elected as an APP board member, a main goal of mine would be to unite and better expose and educate Lake Tahoe ski resorts of the amazing opportunity and value of education and training that the APP Certified program has to offer.  Re-gaining our foothold in resorts such as Squaw Valley, Alpine and Kirkwood would very much benefit the ski industry as well as add credibility to our APP organization. 

Thanks in advance for your support.

 Tim Owen

Hello my name is Tim Owen and I am a patroller at Sierra At Tahoe .I have been ski patrolling for 8 years , I am also a dog handler. This past season I was given the opportunity of training and testing our trail crew. I have been a member of APP sense 2012 and became certified this season.  I am running for the board to learn more about our organization in hope to bring more education opportunities over all disciplines. With our patrol at Sierra At Tahoe, our wage scale is built off of APP.  The APP has has become a critical part of our patrol . I hope to share the structuring with other patrols . I would like to thank you for you time to read my bio and Take in my consideration for the board.

Thank you for your time 
Tim Owen 
Sierra Pro Patrol 

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