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Aerial Evacuation and Tower Climbing

This test is intended to test a candidate’s ability to operate as part of a ski patrol rope rescue team and perform aerial evacuation. A candidate will be asked to follow appropriate federal, state, local, and industry practices.


      Candidate will be asked to explain the Aerial Evacuation program at their mountain. A candidate should understand the different equipment used, parameters for use, and alternatives based on industry standards.

      Candidate will climb a lift tower, set up, and execute an Aerial Evacuation of a guest.  The candidate may use the assistance of a “rookie patroller” (if they provide one)

      Candidate will demonstrate ascending a rope (10-20 ft) switching to descent and descending the rope. This maneuver should be completed on a two-rope system.

      Candidate should be able to explain two rope systems and when they are appropriate following industry practices.

      Candidate should demonstrate unweighting a fall arrestor on lift tower. (Simulated fallen worker)

For additional details on testing and criteria, download the APP Aerial Evacuation and Tower Climbing Criteria PDF document, and refer to the additional references to the right.


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