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Classifieds and Help Wanted

If you want to promote/advertise an open industry-related position - send us an email with the following information:

  • Name of contact person, phone and email
  • Your ski area, hyperlink to your website, and a link to your website if the position is advertised on your website
  • Ski area address
  • What date and time does the position close and
  • Describe the position, start date, salary and any other information.
    •  COVID-19 Telephonic Call Screener
    •  On-site COVID-19 Screner
 Date Posted  Ski Resort  Position Contact   Web Link / Info
 03/31/2020Medcor Inc.815-363-9500Introductory Letter to Association of Professional Patrollers EDR - V10 (3-30-2020).pdf

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